Heritage Harvest Farm

A Typical Day at Camp

Drop off & Planing
Introductions, Barn Rules and horse asignments. Fetch horses, groom & tack up.
First Activity Period

Campers are split into groups based on riding ability and interests. There are two class periods, campers rotate through three activities.

1. Riding Lesson - This time is spent learning or improoving basic riding skills.
2. Barn Lesson- Campers learn about parts of the horse, parts of tack, and basic horse care.
Second Activity Period
Lunch & Craft Time
Campers bring their own lunches. We generaly have lunch inside, in our craft room, and watch a horse movie. Daily crafts Monday-Thursday such Memory Books, and Sand Ponies.
Fun Ride
Campers learn showmanship and bareback riding. roping and jousting, or used lunge lessons to work on specific skills.
Barn Cleanup & Horse bathing
Campers help put away their saddles, groom their horses, and often bathe horses on hot days.
Swimming, Games, & Pick up
Campers cool off in our above ground pool and/or play horse games.

Late pick up or early drop off can be arranged to fit your work schedules.

Junior Camp Schedule

What to Bring

Every camper should bring and remember:

  1. Riding pants, breaches, or jeans
  2. Bathing suit and towel
  3. Lunch, campers can purchase drinks at the farm and there is a refrigerator to keep lunches cold
  4. Boots or sturdy sneakers preferably with a heel
  5. Riding helmet (we can provide helmets)
  6. Long hair should be tied back or up, so that it will fit under a helmet.
  7. It is recommended that jewelry, head bands and contacts be left at home
  8. Change of clothes, shorts, and sun tan lotion, are recommended
  9. Any medication should be handed to a counselour with instructions. Please also note allergies.
  10. We also recommend parents send a note on monday of what rating movies their child may watch. (G, PG, PG-13)
  11. Optional are show clothes for the horse show on Friday and horse treats like carrots and apples

Friday of camp

Every Friday Heritage Harvest campers get to put on a show. Drop off is at the normal time and the campers get to groom and braid to prepare their mounts for the show. At 11am parents are welcome to come attend our mini show. Every camper will get to ride in at least two events, as well as a showmanship (in hand) class, and receive ribbons. After the show we will have a lunch, usually pizza, for campers and their families, followed by our awards ceremony. Our mini show is a great opportunity for campers to show off what they have learned and to cap off a great week at camp.