Heritage Harvest Farm

Summer Camp

2018 Camp has wrapped up for the year. Stay tuned for news on next year.
Camp Info
Each summer we host several one week sessions of an equestrian day camp for children ages 4-13.  Ages are a guideline, as every child is different.  If you have questions as to which camp would suit your child, please email or call us.  There is swimming, arts and crafts, riding and lessons in barn management and horse care.  We invite parents to a mini show on Friday where the children can demonstrate what they have learned all week.  We also end the week with a family lunch and awards for the campers.  We have a very small camper to counselor ratio for more personal one on one attention.Click here for information on what a typical day is like and what your child should bring with them. 

Junior Camp
We offer one week per summer of junior camp for children that are between the ages of 4-6.  We offer one on one attention in the ring, and no more than 1 to 2 children per counselor in the barn lesson or at lunch.  The children ride in two shorter riding lessons to accommodate smaller camper’s attention spans.  We also offer them more frequent breaks and a snack in the middle of the day to let the younger children rest.  The junior camp days run from 9am- 2pm, Monday through Friday.

Regular Camp

The majority of the weeks offered are of regular camp, where we ride English or Western.  Regular camp is for children between the ages of 7-13.  The children are broken into different groups based upon their riding experience and ability.  The regular camp day runs from 9am – 5pm, Monday through Thursday, (although campers are done riding for the day by 3:30 and may be picked up any time after that), and 9am- 1pm on Friday.

Western Weeks
This year we will offer two Western theme weeks where the focus is on all things western.  We will tack up western, ride western, try barrel racing and pole bending (at the walk or trot!!), have a trail ride through the farm searching for a strong box dropped by robbers who held up the stage coach, watch a western video at lunch, try riding bareback (Native American style) and have western crafts.  No riding experience is required.  Hours are 9:00 to 5:00PM and camp is for ages 7 to 13.  We will still have our Friday horse show with a western twist and our end of camp pizza party.

CIT Program

Previous campers who are at least 13 and have passed Pony Level Three or higher may be asked to be counselors in training.  CITs are expected to be at camp from 8:30 to 5 for the weeks they are signed up for.  They help get horses ready and assist in teaching newer students the basics of riding and horse care.  CITs must have patience, a good attitude, the ability to handle horses, a genuine fondness for children, as well as horse care knowledge.  There is no cost for being a CIT, but like campers they are responsible for bringing their own lunch.  CITs will be compensated for their time with 2 riding lessons per week for every week they volunteer their time.


The cost of camp is $275 per week with discounts for families as well as multiple weeks of enrollment. Early drop off as well as late pick up can be arranged for an extra fee.