Heritage Harvest Farm

Summer Camp Curriculum

Level One

Barn Skills
Approach a horse in the stall
Halter and un-halter a horse in the stall
Lead a horse in and out of a stall safely
Groom a horse in stall or while tied and name the grooming tools
Pick up and out front hooves
Tack a horse with assistance
Know 5 basic parts of the horse
Know 5 basic parts of tack
Name 5 horse colors
Know the safety rules for the barn
Know the difference between a horse and a pony
Know how often a horse gets its feet and teeth worked on

Riding Skills
Safely mount and dismount
Show proper control at halt and walk
Walk around obstacles, horses and over poles
Show posting trot on a lounge line
Figure 8 at the walk
Reverse at the walk

Level Two

Barn Skills
Approach a horse in the field and halter
Return a horse to the field and un-halter
Pick up&out back feet
Tack a horse with out assistance
Know 5 types of bits
Know the parts of the saddle and bridle for your discipline
Know 5 breeds of horses
Define the basic horse colors(black, bay, chestnut, grey, paint)
Know the difference between a mare, gelding, stallion, filly, colt, foal
Know the basics of showmanship
Know all the main parts of the horse:
Eye, ear, muzzle, jowl, forelock, withers, mane, tail, hoof, shoulder, elbow, knee, cannon,
fetlock, pastern, coronet, hip, stifle, hock, chestnut, barrel, rump, croup, dock, girth area
Know gaits and their beats (walk, trot, canter)
Know ring etiquette
Know 3 types of shoes
Know how to clean and inspect tack

Adjust stirrup length from the ground
Give and receive a leg up
Posting trot with out diagonals
Count strides at walk and trot
Show control at the trot
Extend and collect the walk
Reverse at the trot
Figure 8 at the trot
Walk in two point/winged victory
Demonstrate a sitting trot
Trot over ground poles

Level Three

Barn Skills
Clean a stall
Know 2 types of parasites and de-wormers
Know basic wound care
Know the gestation length of a mare
Know how many teeth horses have
Know how to wrap a front leg for shipping or for wounds
Know 5 types of fences in show jumping
Know the differences in reining, dressage, show jumping, team penning, fox hunting, hunter pleasure, western pleasure, trail, and eventing
Know the parts of tack for another discipline
Know the heights of small, med and large ponies
Know the parts of the hoof
Know the signs of colic
Know 15 horse breeds
Know the arena letters
Know braiding and mane pulling techniques
Know basic vaccines
Know difference between founder and laminitis
Know how to tell if a horse is hot, and how to cool out
Know how to put together and fit a bridle
Know how much a horse drinks in a day
Show etiquette

Adjust stirrups on horse back
Around the worlds
Know diagonals and how to change them
Trot a raised pole
Canter a long side
Demonstrate a half halt
Halt from trot and canter
Trot in two point
Sitting trot with out stirrups
Extend and collect the trot
Demonstrate lunging a horse

Level Four

Barn Skills
Know the basics behind feeding(grain, hay, water, supplements)
Know the parts of the harness
Know how long it takes for a hoof to grow completely out
Recognize hoof wear
Diagnosis of lameness (signs and location)
Know causes and treatment of founder and laminitis
Know the gut track
Lifecycle of 2 internal parasite
Know basic first aid and treatment of colic
Know when teeth come in
Know signs of labor
Know 3 major respiratory diseases
Know rain rot and treatment
Trail safety
Recognize 5 breeds on sight
Show grooming & clipping
Know 3 stable vices
Know rules for 1 show discipline
Signs & treatment for thrush
Know proper attire for chosen discipline
Know techniques for teaching a baby to lead
Loading/ trailer safety & etiquette
Know type(IM,IR,SC etc) and how often vaccines are given
Know temperature respiratory rate and plus rate for normal horse and foal
Know how to apply polo wraps
Saddle fitting
Teach Pony Level One
Breed Report
Goal Essay
Join an agricultural youth group

Show control at the canter (know leads)
Reverse at the canter (with simple change)
Figure 8 at the canter
Jump a line
Turn on the haunches/spin
Turn on forehand
Canter in two point
Canter a raised pole
Count strides at canter
Trot a course/test/pattern
bending in corners/leg yields
Trot a fence with out stirrups
Rising trot with out stirrups
Moving dismount (walk)
Long Line

Level Five

Barn Skills
Ten parts of the horses musculoskeletal system
Aging by teeth
Identify a splint, bowed tendon, wind puff, ocilate
Treatment and causes for abscesses
Proper show attire for non-chosen discipline
Know common conformational faults (at least 6)
Demonstrate catching a loose or difficult horse
Know how the blood runs through the heart
Know how much blood a horse can lose
Know ringbone vs. sidebone vs. navicular vs. founder
Know common teeth problems: explain 3
Know the heredity of Bay, Black, Chestnut, and Grey
Recognize 10 breeds on sight
Know 3 toxic plants & 3 hay types
Know the internal structure of the hoof
Know 3 types of colic
Be able to judge an equitation, pleasure, or halter/showmanship class
Be able to introduce a young horse to saddle
Written conditioning program for a horse
Know stages of fetal growth
Know average stride lengths for trot and canter
Identify social structure within a herd
Know symptoms and risks for diseases we vaccinate against
Report on an equine sport, event, or place. (500w, 2 visual, oral)
Construction project (jump, tack, etc)
Know how to hook and unhook a trailer
Teach pony level 2
Goal Essay (500 words)
Mentor project

Canter with out stirrups
Flying lead changes
Moving mount (walk)
Moving dismount (trot)
Basic driving- hooking, walk, trot, circle.
Extend and collect the canter
Canter poles or bounce jumps
Canter a course/test/pattern
Trot a test/course/pattern for non-chosen discipline
Keep a riding log