Heritage Harvest Farm

A Typical Day at Junior Camp

Drop off
Introductions, Barn Rules, and horse assignments. Fetch horses, groom & tack up.
First Activity Period

Campers are split into two groups. Each group spends half an hour in the barn, half an hour on horses.

The barn curriculum includes grooming, basic parts, and colors.

In the ring, we make sure to have enough handlers than every child can be led if necessary. Most kids of this age are able to walk a pattern on their own and trot on the lead by the end of the week. Some progress faster or slower.

10:30-11:15 am
Snack Time
We provide a choice of snacks, such as cherrios, grapes, or cheese cubes. We generally play a short educational movie during this break, and the kids have the option of coloring horse pictures or puzzles.
Stretches, horse prep
We head back to the barn, kids are led in stretches or a brief game while CiTs get horses ready.
11:30-12:30 pm
Second Activity Period

A second mini barn lesson & mini riding lesson

Barn Cleanup
Campers help groom their horses
Lunch, Craft, Swim& Pick up
Campers bring their own lunches. We eat in the camp room and kids do a simple craft such as color-your-own sipper cups and doorknockers. We play a horse movie during lunch. Campers who are capable may swim, we also set up a sprinkler.

What to Bring

Every camper should bring and remember:

  1. Riding pants, breaches, or jeans (no skirts, shorts or slick pants)
  2. Bathing suit and towel
  3. Lunch, there is a refrigerator to keep lunches cold.
  4. Boots or sturdy sneakers preferably with a heel
  5. Riding helmet (we can provide helmets)
  6. Long hair should be tied back or up
  7. It is recommended that jewelry and contacts be left at home
  8. Change of clothes, shorts, and sun tan lotion, are recommended
  9. Please note allergies.


Friday of camp

Junior campers put on a riding demo on Friday for the parents. Drop off is at the normal time, the demo starts at 11am. Following this we provide a lunch during our awards assembly. Afterwards, campers go home with thier familes.